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A Friend in Need is Not Always a Friend Indeed +36
About Me - 3 datoteke
Adolescence is the Unhappiest Time in Most People +8
Africa +76
Aim of Education +28
All Eighteen Year Olds Should Do National Service +3
America's Way of Life Is Young People's Dream 0
American Beauty (movie) +7
Any Job Is Better Than No Job at All +6
Are Wars Really Necessary 0
Asia's Last Lion +5
Ban on Smoking in Public Places +3
Being Different is Being Unpopular +65
Being Nice to My Mate Is Nice +6
Being On Time +7
Best Holidays +51
Best Things in Life Are Free +14
Biography +23
Bled - My Favourite Part of Town -6
Brave New World and 1984 -1
Bull Fights 0
But Why Some People Feel the Need to Push Themselves to the Edge in Extreme Sports -4
Call of Duty +1
Can Animals Sense Earthquakes +1
Capital Punsihment +2
Cartoons and animation +1
Cats +3
Charities +8
Chocolate +12
Computerized World +4
Correspondent's Life +3
Cosa Nostra +2
Crime Law and Punishment 0
Crime and Violence -4
Daily Routine -5
Discovers and Inventions -1
Does the Growth of Megacities Portend an Apocalypse of Global Epidemics and Pollution - 2 datoteki
Dogs +7
Don't Put All the Eggs into One Basket +3
Dreams +17
Driving into Dreams World 0
Drugs +12
Drugs, Yes or No +5
Earthquake Horror +5
Earthquake on Haiti +4
El Nino +1
Endangered Animals -1
Environment +20
Families in Slovenia +5
Family Matters +20
First School Day +4
Football +9
Forms of Tobacco Advertising Should be Banned +8
Four Weddings and a Funeral - summary +4
Free as a Bird +4
From Wolf to Woof +5
Gender Inequality +6
George Bush the President +6
Good Advice Is Rarer than Rubies +14
Good Educations Brings Success in Your Life +21
Good and Bad Sides of Living in a City +10
Governments +4
Haddon, Mark: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Christopher's Way of Solving Problems +4
Having Children While Young +37
Heavy Cost of Hurricane Frances +4
History of Venice -2
History of the Olympics +4
House Is Not a Home +7
How Do I Feel about Growing Up +3
How Young People Use Their Mobile Phones +7
How the Teenagers Have Fun +1
How the World Will End +1
Humanity is Good +3
I Will Never Forget the Day +8
I Would Rather School Produces Happy Dustmen than Servous Scholars +1
If I Wanted I Could Change a few Things in My Lifestyle -3
In Search of Good English Food +1
Internet -2
Internet Takes You Everywhere and Tells You Everything +4
Invention of Pizza +4
Is Bald Beautiful +1
Is Marriage Still Important Nowadays +7
Is Television a Waste od Time +3
Is There Life on Mars +5
Is There a Moral Difference between Getting Rich through Chance, through Inheritance or Through Personal Effort +2
Is Your Career Just Job for You +2
It Is Fun being a Celebrity +4
Job for Me +22
Jordan, Michael +3
Journey into Space +2
Kingdom of Corals +2
Land of Plenty Things +3
Languages +4
Learning English Is Vital Today +2
Letter - 11 datotek
Life Expectancy Depends on Lifestyle +11
Life Is Much Easier than It Was in the Past +42
Life Teaches You More than a School - 2 datoteki
Life in a City +13
Lifestyle Is Important -5
Little Red Riding Hood -2
Living in a Foreign Country +6
Ljubljana - 2 datoteki
Lymington River -4
Marijuana -10
Marriage Is Out of Fassion - 2 datoteki
Materialism Is like a Drug for Modern Societies -4
Medical Care Programs -5
Men and Women +2
Money Is the Root of Evil +3
Moral of Advertisment -3
More We Earn, Poorer We Are -3
Most Beautiful Experience in My Life +17
Mount Everest Speed Record Has Gone 0
Music Exercise May Make You Smarter -2
My Boss Fired Me +2
My Family, My Friends +4
My Favorite Part of Town +1
My Favourite Room - 2 datoteki
My Favourite Sports +5
My Future +25
My Future House -1
My Future Job -2
My Ideal Holidays +46
My Ideal School +49
My Mobile Phone and I +6
My Mum +1
My Room - 3 datoteke
My Worst Holiday +15
National Obsession +2
Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster +3
Not Only Should You Lie Sometimes, You Often Have To +1
Nowdays -2
Only a Well Paid Job Is a Good Job +4
Our School +5
PC Format +3
Parlemiantary Election in Slovenia 2008 +1
People Ask for Criticism but They only Want Praise -1
People Have Always Dreamed of Living Longer +9
People Need Legends +1
People Should Not Express Their Personal Problems at Work +3
People Who Like Animals are Kind to Other People Too -1
Person I Admire Most +5
Personal Values Are Always the Reflection of the Society You Live In +6
Personality Is a Result of Social Enviroment +1
Playing Fair With Copyright +2
Pollution -2
Poverty +1
Power of the Press +3
Price of Love +1
Professionals in Sports Are Overpaid +2
Pros and Cons of Living in the Country +4
Reading Books Is More Enjoyable than Watching TV +12
Recycling +1
Red Wine on a Carpet +3
Relationship between Jimmy and Alison +41
Roll of the Internet in My Life +5
School Attendance Should Be Voluntary +11
School Education and Job +8
School System in Italy +4
School for Girls +5
Shopping -55
Slovenia Has a Lot to Offer to Tourists +3
Slovenia Is My Beautifull Country +13
Slovenia - 5 datotek
Smallest Seahorse +3
Some Like It Hot - movie 0
Space Tourism is a Waste of Time and Money +12
Sport for All - 2 datoteki
Story of Slovenia +4
Studying Foreign Languages Is a Waste of Time -2
Teen Models +16
The pro's and con's of cannabis 0
There Is No Place Like Home +5
There Is a Beast in Each of Us +2
These Are Hard Times for the Young and Gifted 0
Traditional or Alternative Medicine +4
Travelling and My Ideal Holidays +3
Travelling by Plane 0
Travelling by Train +2
Trip on Bohinj Lake +1
Truth About Your Heart +2
Urban Traffic +4
Venice +4
Volleyball +2
War Can Change Your Life +5
We Do Not Talk Anymore - There Is No Time +1
Weather +5
Welcome to Slovenia +4
What I Want to Become +1
What People Love +5
What Would the Joys of Life Be if We Lived in a Technologically Advanced World +4
What Would the World without Borders Be Like +1
Who Likes Computers +5
Why Do I Have the Feeling That Murderes Are Victims After All +3
Winning a Lottery Would Be a Catastrophe 0
Winter Sports 0
World of Work 0
Worst day of my life [01] +7
You Are What You Eat -1
You Can Not Appreciate Home Until You Have Left It +6
Young People Are Only After Pleasure 0
Zadar +1
Zoos Should Be Banned +4
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